Quinsy Gario

Member of the collective original line up

Quinsy (1984) was born on the sunny island of Curacao and although he’s now living in the Netherlands, his Caribbean disposition can still be found in his work. This disposition consists of the ability to use the movement of words, sounds and thoughts and fuse them with a new understanding. In his work he preoccupies himself with the many back stories of images and the general understanding of these images.

After studying Theater, Film and Televisionscience at the University of Utrecht he is now doing a Masters in Comparative Women’s Studies in Culture and Politics. In his work his academic background is showcased through pop culture references and contemporary issues. He believes in the cyclical nature of thought and also in the breaking of waves. There needs to be a better understanding of the fundamental aspects of our societies here in the former West.

Quinsy Gario is part of the first performance poetry group of the Netherlands, Poetry Circle NOWHERE. Furthermore, he makes video clips and other visual material. He has also been involved with several projects that have gone on to illustrate how you can use video to intellectually engage and challenge your audience.

Gario created the performance art project Zwarte Piet is Racisme (Black Pete is Racism) about Zwarte Piet.

In 2011 Gario was arrested for public disturbance when he protested at the traditional annual Sinterklaas festival