Cisco Merel

Collective Member (Panama)

Cisco Merel was born in Panama City in 1981. The country went through abrupt social and political changes during this and the following decade: military dictatorship, the North American invasion, strikes and a tense atmosphere. At the age of fourteen, he got on a skateboard for the first time. At that time skateboards were rare since only the North American kids living in the military base had one. This was a turning point for him; it meant lots of practice, by trying, falling and trying again. Through skateboarding he explored the open spaces in a creative and challenging way. His childhood discoveries together with the difficult context of the country gave Cisco a particular feeling towards the meaning and search for freedom and a DIY attitude. Skateboarding lead him into graffiti, and the so-called street art culture. Later on, he decided to study photography and painting in the University of Fine Arts. During his college years he begins to work in art direction and animation for advertising projects. This experience consolidates his interest for art and focuses in his own art productions.

In Cisco Merel’s work, these influences are combined together with his perception of the autochthonous flora and fauna to define his esthetic and perceptual universe. The artist explores a vocabulary of forms inspired by typographies and geometry, creating the symbology of his memories. He uses these iconographies to compose images and spaces that invite us to explore their thoughts through painting, sculpture and installations, as well as projects in the public space. His interest is focused on various topics that seek to rebuild his context, merging the poetic narrative of his memory.












Cisco Mural Panama 3