Raul Balai

Friend of the Collective

Lives and works in Amsterdam. The Netherlands

From Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Paramaribo, Suriname

Raul Balai aka El Bastardo was born and raised in Amsterdam. Bachelor at the HKU – January 2006.

He is co-owner of graphic design agency The Iron Curtain, which focuses on the socio-cultural sector . His autonomous work is characterized by a strong social impact and committed clear artistic signature. His inspiration comes mostly from controversial social and socio – cultural issues.

El Bastardo ‘s work is not characterized by a specific shape or material. He is looking at each topic and story an appropriate form: from installation to video, from painting to sculpture.

In recent years he has exhibited at the Biennale Dak’Art, Senegal, Gallery 23 Amsterdam, Smart Project Space,  MHKA Antwerp, Schouwburg Rotterdam, The Amsterdam Museum and Carrefour des Arts, Larache, Morocco.