Abdoulaye Armin Kane

Collective Member (Senegal)

Abdoulaye is a visual artist who works with a lot of different materials and techniques: sculpture, painting, video, design and animation. After working individually for many years, Armin now wants to dedicate more of his time to others in society. “Being an artist is a selfish profession. I feel it’s my responsibility to help those in need. Through my work I can create a more stable society.”

“Art has an important function: to raise awareness about limitations in society.” Armin creates art to make people think in a certain direction, to alert people to the essence of things. In order to do so, he manipulates images. He explains: “I can distort images, which will change the way of looking at things. My messages are in the interest of everyone.”

Armin’s daily life is important in his work. His neighbourhood and family are a great source of inspiration. “Everywhere you look in our house you’ll find pictures and family portraits. I think the peculiarities of a family reflect the society which we are part of. Photographs are also an indicator of time. So the family picture is a way to show how we live today or have lived in past times. They are idealised moments in our personal history, when people wear their most beautiful dresses and costumes.”  He considers his own surroundings as a reflection of society.

Rosalie van Deursen


Armin-Kane-at-his-studio  Armin-Kane-Portret-de-la-Famille-1  Atelier-dexpressions-Hospital-Dakar-2